Package design that sells in 2023: key tips to package your new product

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October 4, 2023
Packaging design is more than just a beautiful image on a bottle or a pretty box to store something in. It's your company's representative, sales agent, radio jingle, and TV commercial all rolled into one. It's the packaging that prompts a person to take action and reach for the product.

Let's discuss the requirements that your design must meet and the questions that every entrepreneur and designer should ask themselves if they truly want their product to succeed in the market, rather than just trying to survive.

Attract attention

Consumers want to have options, but they don't always want to make choices. To stand out from the competition and assist consumers in their decision-making process, packaging design plays a crucial role.


An attractive and creative design should differentiate your brand without confusing the consumer. Consumers don't have time to solve puzzles; they want to quickly understand what kind of product is in front of them, how much it costs, what it does, and whether they want to buy it. Packaging should provide sufficient information about the product, including its characteristics, instructions for use, and other important details.

Tell the brand story

Packaging design speaks to the customer on behalf of the brand. At a cursory glance, it's important for consumers to understand that the product corresponds to their social status, income level, and lifestyle. To achieve this, premium products are sold in appropriate "expensive" packaging. The sustainability of production can be conveyed by using craft textures in the design or creative solutions that show a green way of recycling.

Mikkelsen Destilleri challenged our team to create a modern concept for traditional Scandinavian akvavit - a strong alcoholic beverage. As there are already numerous akvavits on the market with traditional designs, we decided to create something unique and unexpected that would appeal to both local and international markets. With this in mind, we came up with the bold and unexpected idea of linking the brand to a real story that everyone in the region knew about and was proud of - the EURO-2004. And it worked! Check out Akvavit case study for more details >

АKVAVIT 2:2. Scandinavian art of negotiating

Be in trend today and tomorrow

Visual trends change very quickly. When designing packaging, be guided by the preferences of potential buyers and act proactively so that it remains relevant in 2-5 years.

What should you pay attention to when creating packaging design? Based on current trends and innovations, you can forecast packaging design trends for 2023-2024.

1. Environmental sustainability:

Growing awareness of environmental issues and the need for eco-friendly solutions will continue to influence design. Packaging made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, as well as designs that use less plastic and waste packaging materials, will be even more widely used.

2. Minimalism:

Simple and minimalist designs will continue to be popular as they reflect cleanliness and reliability. Purified colors, simple shapes, and unique typographic solutions. For example, the Allyoung beauty brand has a clean, minimalist design that features a great combination of well-balanced colors, unique fonts, and simple shapes, resulting in increased sales after introducing the new design. Check out Allyoung case study for more details >

Allyoung. Packaging Design

3. Personalization:

The development of printing technologies will allow for the creation of unique patterns, changeable graphic elements, and the ability to add names or messages on the package. In an effort to create closer contact with the buyer, manufacturers will create packages with personalized elements tailored to a particular consumer.

4. Miniaturization:

In light of changing consumer habits, demand for small and portion packs is expected to increase. This could include single-use sachets, trials, or innovative packaging that's easy to use on the go.

5. Visual story and brand continuity:

Competition and the importance of product branding through packaging design will continue to grow. Companies will strive to be unique, creating consistent, recognizable brand elements that can communicate product values, quality, and uniqueness.

Remember, packaging design trends can vary by industry, product type, and target audience. Therefore, it is important to turn to design professionals to analyze specific trends in your industry.

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