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Effective packaging design for your product

We create professional packaging design for products that guarantees the increase of sales and brand loyalty. We start with the analysis of your brief and propose necessary services to match your aims from brand platform to print files and communication guide.  Share your project with us and get the detailed plan for its effective realization.

Packaging design is a complex design solution that can multiply your sales by standing out on the store shelf or online. It’s a technology combined with talent, expertise and inspiration.

Make your product stand out with an experienced and award winning packaging design agency

Packaging design is more than just a beautiful image on a bottle or a pretty box to store something in. It's your company's representative, sales agent, radio jingle, and TV commercial all rolled into one. It's the packaging that prompts a person to take action and reach for the product. When packaging design results in sales we call it effective.

Aida Pioneer is a reliable and experienced partner. We are a team of professionals with a solid expertise in packaging design with outstanding results.

Packaging design trends and rules vary by industry, product type, and target audience. We know perfectly well how to deliver your product and its benefits through design and meaningful copywriting. Our design is always based on customers' insights and demands because we always start with the brand strategy and the research.

Why do companies
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To kick off the project, we initiate a discovery online meeting with the company team and, if necessary, arrange interviews with important stakeholders and client executives. We also perform the comprehensive research of the industry, target audience and competitors. The result is a structured document with all the research data.

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Brand Platform

Using insights and implications, we develop a distinctive positioning that clearly defines what your brand represents and what sets it apart. We combine the brand foundations, positioning, value proposition, personality, brand metaphor, and other brand assets to create a detailed brand platform.

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Based on the brand platform or detailed brief, we begin working on your brand name. We come up with 10 names that have been preliminary screened for domain and trademark availability. We supervise final copyright and trademark checks of the approved name.

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Logo & Packaging Design Concept

After analyzing the brief, our design team initiates a meeting presenting competitors’ analysis, design trends, color coding, brand architecture schemes, visuals, etc. We finalize the visual strategy and within 2-3 weeks come back with 2-3 logo & packaging design concepts demonstrated on realistic mockups in a form of PDF presentation.

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Adaptation on SKUs & Print-Ready Files

We accurately adopt the approved design concept on all products including packaging of different types and forms. Our task is to create a structured and appealing brand visual block. The final stage is the preparation of printing files according to the rules of the printing company.

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Packaging & Logo Guide

Most of our clients maintain the brand inhouse. So, we do our best to make the process clear and easy by preparing detailed guides for logo usage ang packaging design development. The document could be in any preferable format either PDF or microsite.

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Product 3D Renders

We create beautiful packaging designs to impress the customer. And it’s very important to demonstrate it in the best possible way. We develop realistic looking renders or mookups in various setups and create animation if needed to perfectly present the product.

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Social Media Playbook

We develop a communication digital strategy for your brand. Along with competitor’s review we segment target audience, set up KPIs and create the action plan. We also describe TOV, form the rules for images and content, and develop social media templates.

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Product Cards & Banners for E-Commerce

To start the effective communication of the new brand we create a set of product cards/banners for e-commerce. Attractive images with selling copyrights will guarantee the customers attention. We create unique illustrations and icons, organize proto sets or video production. The basic set of cards starts from 10 pieces.

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Website Design

We initiate a thorough research phase where we gather information, create mood boards, and discuss ideas with your team. We also create a site map to outline the structure of the website. Within 2-3 weeks, we present two design concepts. Then we prepare identified page templates with recommendations for animation and content design as well as Figma files that are ready for a developer.

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Product Video

Product video is an effective promo instrument for a new or rebranded product. We create scripts and organize video production of any complexity: 2D CG, 3D modeling, shooting, etc. Our strength is in creating well performing videos at a reasonable cost.

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We begin with a strategic online discovery meeting with the company team to delve deep into the project. If necessary, we organize interviews with key stakeholders and client executives. Based on the data we collect from these interviews and our desk research, we prepare a document that includes a survey of the industry market, an analysis of major competitors from a branding perspective, and our initial brand hypothesis.

  • Discovery meeting and interviews with the team to learn about the company's status, upcoming plans, and long-term goals

  • Market research, including trends, perspectives, and barriers

  • Competitor research and analysis

  • Target audience segmentation, tribes, and ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

  • Brand hypothesis

Brand Platform

We help you identify what your brand stands for and what makes it uniquely defensible by turning insights and implications into a unique positioning. Our team combines brand foundations, positioning, value proposition, personality, brand metaphor, and other brand assets to create a detailed brand platform.

  • Vision and mission statements

  • Brand essence and positioning statement

  • Value propositions and proof points

  • Brand personality

  • Brand attributes

  • Brand metaphor

  • Brand archetype

  • Brand pyramid

  • Tone of voice and communication principles

  • Brand slogan


We start working on your brand name based on the brand platform or a detailed brief. Our team begins by generating a wide range of options before narrowing it down to a presentation of 10 name options that have been preliminary screened for domain and trademark availability. After the approval of 2-3 names, we supervise the final copyright and trademark checks with your legal team. If necessary, we go for a second round of naming.

  • Up to 10 name options in a detailed PDF presentation with descriptions and mood boards

  • Up to 10 additional name options in the second round

  • Up to 10 name options in the third round, if needed, at an additional cost

  • URL recommendations

  • Assistance with the trademark process, if needed, for a separate fee

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How we work
Adaptation on SKU
Print-ready files
Promo materials
Launch campaign

We start with the research of the product, business, context and customers and comes up with brand hypothesis.

We develop a detailed document with all the necessary brand assets: positioning, brand essence, values, character, TOV, etc.

Out team comes up with a list of appropriate names, supervise the legal check and finalize copywrites.

At this stage we create packaging design concept and demonstrate it on up to 5 SKUs on realistic mockups.

At this stage we create packaging design concept and demonstrate it on up to 5 SKUs on realistic mockups.

Our pre-print designers prepare print files that can be delivered to the production.

We develop all the necessary materials to launch the brand effectively – web-site, 3D renders, e-commers cards and banners, product video, etc.

Our communication team develops the detailed strategy for brands presence in digital including social media playbook.

Why Aida Pioneer?

Aida Pioneer is an experienced award-winning packaging design agency. We are an inspired team of professional designers, strategists and storytellers passionate about what we do. We have created hundreds of successful packaging designs combining expertise in strategy and design.

We are easy to work with, fast and result oriented. We guarantee the effectiveness of our solutions and build long-lasting relationships with clients.

We explore and use new technologies, inspire and push to move forward our clients and we are always on time. Collaborating with us means the outstanding result and perfectly selling packaging design for your product.



“I confirm the highest quality of services elaborated by the agency to solve challenges and meet clients' expectations”

Ulia Novichenok

Communication analyst


“We would like to thank the agency for its professionalism and comfortable communication. and to highlight the outstanding efficiency of all implemented projects”

Anna Sokolik

Marketing manager


“I would like to note the exact fulfillment of the obligations undertaken, the creative approach to solving each problem, new advanced promotional formats, a high level of communication”

Nadzeya Boreiko

Сommunications & partnership manager


“Professionalism, an integrated approach to problem solving and creative approach to any order, the ability to fulfill the undertaken obligations accurately and timely”

Mikhail Bychanok


University of new york

“It's a talented team that helps clients to achieve the best results. the approach is not just advertising but business oriented”

Ludmila Lytkina

Сommunications manager

Our approach

What is packaging design?

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Packaging design is the process of creating the visual appearance and functionality of a product's packaging. It involves the type of packaging, materials, its shape and size, as well as the design including brand logo, product name, communication messages, visual graphic elements, illustrations and typography. Effective packaging design aims to attract and engage consumers, communicate important information about the product, and differentiate it from competitors on the store shelf or online.

What makes a good package design?

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A good package design is one that effectively communicates the brand and product messaging, attracts and engages consumers, and meets their functional needs. It should accurately represent the brand identity and values, creating a strong visual connection between the product and the brand. The design should be visually appealing and eye-catching, standing out on the store shelf or online marketplace. It also should be practical and user-friendly, ensuring that it adequately protects the product during transportation and storage. As consumers become increasingly conscious of environmental issues, a good package design takes sustainability into consideration.

What kind of projects need packaging design?

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Packaging design is needed for a wide range of projects across various industries that someone would buy in a store or online. Some common examples include consumer goods, food and beverage industry, retail products, pharmaceutical and healthcare products, e-commerce, promotional and gift items, luxury goods, industrial products.

What information will I have to bring to the design team?

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First, it is important to provide the design team with clear and detailed information about your product and your brand. Communicate the goals and objectives for the packaging design, describe your target audience and competitors, share the detailed information about product size, shape, weight, and any specific requirements or considerations for packaging. Visual references and anti-references would be very helpful.

How much does a packaging design cost?

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The cost varies and depends on several aspects: the type of product you are packaging, the number of items or concepts needed, types of source files you require, etc. Once you share the details of the project and fill in the brief the agency will prepare the accurate budget estimate. Keep in mind that effective packaging design can multiply your sales and overall cost is incomparably small compared to your turnover.

What is your turnaround time?

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The time it takes to create a packaging design can vary depending on the complexity of the project. Simple packaging designs may take several weeks to complete, while more complex designs could take months. The process typically involves initial research and concept development, followed by multiple design iterations and revisions based on feedback. Once the final design is approved, the designer may also need to prepare files for printing or work with a printer to ensure the design is accurately reproduced.