Beyond the logo: what brand identity really means

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October 4, 2023
Brand identity is not only the logo and visual elements, but also the feeling that the brand evokes in its audience. This includes values, mission, vision and brand positioning. It is often underestimated that an important aspect of brand identity is the need to always be consistent and consistent in their values and messages everywhere.

Identity distinguishes a business from others and helps customers to establish an emotional connection with the company. In the long run, this leads to increased customer loyalty and deeper involvement in the marketing activities of the brand.

An important aspect of brand identity is its visual identity. This includes the logo, color palette, typography and other visual elements that help create a recognizable brand image. The logo is a key visual element that should be unique, memorable and reflect the values and character of the brand.

If the logo is the face of the company, then the slogan is its voice. The phrase with which the brand addresses a person creates a mood, helps to understand and feel the product. The color palette also plays an important role in determining the visual identity of the brand. Shades and their combinations evoke certain associations, form impressions of what they saw.

Branded fonts are created to maintain the individuality and the idea of the brand, convey the character of the product, connect different elements and carriers of style. A corporate hero is a fictional character, a real person, a media personality, an animal, a plant, an inanimate object. It is created to humanize the brand, simulate live communication.

These components work together to create a cohesive and consistent brand identity that helps differentiate a brand from its competitors, builds trust and recognition, and resonates with the target audience.

For example

Brand identity for the European advertising and marketing festival – WHITE SQUARE. The idea is based on the classic computer game "the snake". The square is a target for a snake moving on the black background. The white square illuminates the most important thing and focuses on the target, or object. The strategy was to create the identity that would be awarded at other advertising festivals – a smart way of promotion. Once the jury and the participants see the bold brand identity of the festival, they’ve never heard of it and become interested to get to know more about it. Check out case study for more details >

WHITE SQUARE. Advertising festival identity

TUMAR INVEST. Once you work with finance, banking and investments you are quite limited by the tone of voice and approach to the identity. We combined the Asian background of the company with a contemporary design approach to create a solid and impressive visual identity. The identity is designed in four colors – confident red, stylish black, auxiliary gray and pure white. Business brevity is evident in the composition and fonts. The brand pattern is based on the logo. As part of the design system, clear rules were developed for the style of photographs and illustrations, recommendations were given for the development and communication of the brand in the digital environment. Check out case study for more details >

TUMAR INVEST. Brand identity

Therefore, brand identity is a critical element of any company's success, which helps to attract and retain attention, create recognition and trust of customers, and form long-term relationships with its audience.

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