customer: alvado is a trade mark for a large supermarket chain sosedi.

task: to create private label in the segment "medium+" – name, logo, package design.

solution: alvado is a ringing word that is easy to pronounce, neologism, it sounds in the italian manner which meets the demands and expectations of consumers. the capital letter formed the basis for the logo, indicating the superiority and leadership. sharp straight lines are indicative of the purposeful nature and straightforwardness. the incomplete horizontal stripe symbolizes development and movement. a simple stylish logo and the absence of unnecessary elements underline the status and quality.

the accent logo block in black and white is present on all packages. the background for labels is a photorealistic image of the product. we have chosen appetizing shots and picturesque scenery sketches in order to draw attention to the product. the product is surrounded by a white tag with the product information. the compact design with bright accents makes it easy to identify the product on the shelf.
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