customer: anflor is a floristics and decoration studio.

task: to develop the brand identity.

solution: sometimes it's too difficult to express feelings and to get mouth around the words, so we present flowers. every bunch has a hidden message that can be understood only by a loved one. thus, the basis for the corporate identity is the typographic symbol "*" which is used to indicate the unclear points. we have transformed the symbol into a flower and integrated it into the logo. at the same time, the element refers to the studio's activities and gives a sense of unspoken words which can be supplemented by the client's message. anflor is more than just flowers, it's an opportunity to express feelings and say something important.

the variety of reasons and emotional messages was reflected in the patterns as well. bright colors and delicate tones, strong lines and chaotic splashes. the elements are gathered together in one recognizable group, leaving space for creativity, color mixing and pattern creation.
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