customer: bee there is a brand for medunitsa family apiary – a local honey producer located in the narochansky national park in belarus.

task: complex development of the honey brand–positioning and big idea, name, logo, package.

solution: bees are amazing insects. for communication they use a special language – dance. in dance the bee shows its colleagues the direction to the place where it found a honey plant. when creating the package design, it was decided to abandon the traditional "honey" cliches (bees, honeycomb, drops, etc.) and to use the basic parameters of the bee dance (inclination of lines, number of curves), as well as the color of the product itself. in this way, we managed to translate the bee language into the language of design. the geometrical drawings on each label show the bee routes from the hive to the various places of honey flow: lime grove, may meadow, and buckwheat field. we created a flexible design tool that can be used to mark different kinds of honey.

the name beethere underlines the geographical orientation of the concept and is supported by the tagline "where the bee flew". a reference to the specific geographical location of honey flow has made it possible to focus on the quality of honey that is harvested in an environmentally friendly area. on the back of the label there is a qr code with a link to picturesque panoramas of the places where the bee was.
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