client: mastercard/mtbank

task: to develop the brand identity: naming, logo, design concept, creative concept

solution: cactus is a debit card-constructor with personalization settings — features can be turned on and off depending on the needs without going to the bank.

we developed a non-standard and catchy name for the new card — cactus. functions can be attached to the cactus card, and then unhooked if they are not needed.

then we developed the logo, card design and identity for the new brand. the stickers that make up the cactus on the card have become a style-forming element of the identity.

a special "chip" of cactus was printing with neon dye.

taking into account the ambitious goals, we came up with a very bright and catchy product launch. the mechanic of the card was the inspiration for a creative idea: features can be turned on and off. the phrase "hooked-unhooked" became not only the slogan of the campaign, but also a catchy and sticky track written specifically for the video.

the main visual technique was the boomerang effect.
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