customer: exponenta is a unique fermented milk drink with a high content of whey protein.

task: to develop the brand strategy and the package design.

solution: the consumers of the product are people who are passionate about sports and support a healthy lifestyle. whey protein contained in exponenta is a complete and balanced amino acid building material for the human body, it helps get the body in shape and build up muscles.

the design solution is based on a functional approach. the logo contains the letter "∑", stylized as "sum", referring to the balanced diet. the main functional advantages of the product are given in a simple comprehensible manner and are placed on the front side. at the same time, the design does not contain unnecessary details. the explanatory text and clear icons are placed on the backside of the glass. based on the design developed by us, exponenta is developing the entire line of fermented milk products with a high content of protein.

as a result, the brand has become a "xerox" in the segment of protein shakes.
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