customer: markell is cosmetic products for facial, hair and body care; the brand has been present in the market for over 25 years.

task: to develop the package design for detox program range.

solution: the detox program range is designed for young active city women. every day their skin is exposed to toxins, constant stress and fatigue. we had the task of attracting the consumer with a fresh topical design, therefore, we gave up the traditional delicate colors and textures. we transmitted the pace of life of the target audience through the dynamic alternation of white and black lines on the package. turquoise accents indicate the important elements in cosmetics and emphasize environmental friendliness.

in order to strengthen the logo block, the graphic black and white logo has been placed on top of the package together with the new descriptor. the central place has been given to the basic information about the product purpose, and the simple fonts make it easier to understand.
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