customer: prostokvashino is one of the most popular danone brands within the cis territory.

task: to redesign the entire product range – to make the packaging lighter, cleaner and to maintain the brand recognition.

solution: the design lightness and freshness were achieved through the use of watercolor instead of the traditional vector filling. in this technique there are stripes, a background under the logo and an illustration of the village.

the coloristics has been changed: the dark blue has been transformed into a saturated sky blue color which is more relevant to the category. the logo lost its black contour and the complicated fine line detail, we depicted the character in an open, vivid posture. the font became more characteristic and modern. the lower part of the package has been transformed into a full-featured animation zone which changes, depending on the season: winter, spring, summer, etc.

both the illustration itself and the accented elements are changed: snowflakes in winter, and a stork in summer. on the milk package the illustration is inscribed in a rounded shape in the form of a creeping milk drop which is converted into a wave on other carriers.
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