customer: sun smile is a juice brand for oasis beverages – a group of companies that produces non-alcoholic beverages, tea and beer in the ukraine, germany, belarus, kazakhstan and russia.

task: to develop the package design.

solution: a key design objective was to reflect the high content of vitamin b6 in beverages. it is responsible for good mood and strong immunity.

we reflected the naturality through the food area illustrated in photo with an image of taste markers. in the center of the front side there is a smiling logo in sunny shades. we created pleasant messages for the customers. they have been "spilled" in italics on lateral sides of the package. the words boost spirits, and the juice consumption strengthens the result due to the content of useful vitamins. for the font solution we have chosen flowing lines and round shapes, which links the inscriptions with the juice drops. the recognizable green color on the background became a reference to the famous brand of oasis beverages group of companies – "sochnyi".
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