customer: top is a popular ice cream by santa bremor – one of the largest producers of food products in eastern europe.

task: to carry out the complex rebranding.

solution: top is an ice cream with various fillings. the key brand idea is "eat the ice cream - cheer up". the positioning and mood of the brand were reflected in the package design. all the objects are soft, the round shapes are taken. the logo block is located in the middle of the package and occupies about 50% of the front side.

the package is in vibrant colors that match the ice cream flavor. the product name and flavor in white contrast with bright background coloring. the tasty food zone has emphasized the naturality. large patterns of the main component are located throughout the package area. due to the variation of shapes, dimensions and turning angles of ingredients one gains the impression of flight. the concept is supported by the tagline "cheer up" which placed playfully above the bar code. all this makes it easy to identify the top ice cream and to be distinguished from other manufacturers.
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